Megan Clancy

With twins born prematurely, a mother went to extraordinary lengths to protect their health and nutrition—and to ensure that their childhood was different from her own.

Sarah Shepherd

When a mother believes that her degree in child psychology qualifies her to analyze her daughter, it creates guilt and anxiety, including about the way her vegan daughter eats.

Sally A. Brett

Mom believed in sharing among siblings, in making things "even." Turns out, she had a special, private reason.

Linda Thorburn

For an adopted daughter who has been through too many failed placements, hoarding food became a crisis reaction. Her mother figured out how to lure her from her stinky room.

Bex Brian

Mum had great faith in the healing properties of a vile health drink. Decades later, as ammunition against a pandemic, it returns in a different guise.

Maya Moravec

A trip to South Carolina for the funeral and “enlivening” ceremony of her grandmother lets a daughter adopted from Guatemala continue a family culinary legacy that had almost disappeared.

Stephanie Russ

For a daughter with a dreamy and creative personality, German precision and discipline were difficult, but an extra dollop of sauce at dinner meant an extra portion of love.

Clisver Alvarez

A letter of gratitude, to a mother who provided valuable lessons and sustenance, and to a daughter still too young to know the importance of those gifts.

Candy O'Connor

Mama had a pervasive air of sadness (and frequently a cigarette dangling from her mouth), but she was always a good listener, followed by a warm hug..

Carla Hancock

The Philippine tradition is that once a child is capable of working, she must “give back” to her parents. It’s a debt of gratitude. But the fantasy of an easy-peasy life in American was tempting. 

Aubrey Clyburn

An offer of healthy recipes has tacit meaning: a mother's way of apologizing, a daughter's way of accepting.

Eva Caisey Thompson, Maria Thompson Corley, and Kiana Corley

A trilogy of stories from a family that cares about nutritious meals but freely admits that food plays second fiddle to their music.

Claudine Quigley-Piechotta

The compromises and guilt for a mother of teens, combined with zero enthusiasm for pandemic grocery shopping.

Allie Denison

A school assignment to interview her grandparents about World War II revealed an extraordinary family history—a choice between heritage and survival that her mother did not have to make.

Deborah Lindsay Williams

A recipe for dill bread is linked to a bygone world of Chicago politics, when Mom took her daughter on door-knocking expeditions to drum up interest in whatever progressive candidate was running.

Ivy Baer Sherman

Mama had many skills. The art of cooking was not one of them. But the daily coming together to share stories around the kitchen table was its own form of comfort food.

Julie Nunis

Stepping foot into a grocery store was paralyzing, and quarantine cooking was emotionally exhausting. Then a lime green postcard arrived in the mail.

Chanell Hale

Newspaper on the table, a pile of crab legs—Mom knew how to make life seem good.

Olivia Keable

A daughter confronts truths, gingerly forges independence, and tries to convince her mum that her unconditional love hasn't changed.

Maiya Kenick

Recovery from two different health crises allowed mother and daughter to put aside past grievances and celebrate life together.

Samantha Rane

​Mother and daughter were best friends until a youthful push for independence created a rift. But with Covid-19, a move back home and a shared kitchen created a new dynamic.

Tracey Noonan

Her beloved daughter became dark and withdrawn. A suggestion to try cake decorating together proved to be the recipe they needed to move back into the light.

Bex Brian

An Englishwoman goes foraging, and her daughter unexpectedly falls under her spell.

Fallon Spraggins-Dismuke

Comfort food in her childhood was out of the question, unless her mother was able to find the road to recovery.

Natalie Balents

Mom drove herself to the hospital in high heels when she went into labor. In December. In New England. She had a few culinary tricks up her sleeve too.


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